Did you know

I bet you didn’t know these things…and if you did I grant you 100 house points because I only learned this stuff in the last couple of weeks

1. Kanga and Roo are both kangaroos and their names combine to make what they are. ..who knew

2. The letters in 1st, 2nd and 3rd stand for the last letters of those words UM I THOUGHT THEY WERE LIKE LATIN ABBREVIATIONS OR SOMETHING

3. Bruno Mars, Paulo Nutini and Jason Derulo are in fact NOT all the same person, as I previously believed

4. The same goes for Dustin Hoffman and Robert DeNiro I don’t know what’s wrong with me

5. If you’re a girl you have to have someone to be your guardian when getting an intimate piercing but you don’t when you’re a guy and its so sexist it hurts and I’m gonna vent that in another post one day

6. Don’t ask me how I know the above fact.

7. Diagon Alley may be “diagonally” but holy crap Knockturn Alley is NOCTURNALLY because its all dark and evil and woah

8. Pollen is basically plant sperm and I’m so allergic to it and I’m very uncomfortable that plant sperm gets up my nose and in my eyes

9. Superman isn’t actually a man he’s a goddamn alien, we’ve been lied to and I only just realised

10. Olives are actually fruits. Who knew. I’m fruity..

I went too far.
I’m out