The bain of my life is that I live an ocean away from most of my best friends. Then when I do go home, I’m another ocean away from my other best friends. I cannot win. I end up missing out on spontaneous nights in eating Chinese and playing cards against humanity. I miss out on cuddling all of their pets. I miss out on birthdays and subsequently so much cake. I miss out on cuddling upset friends, laughing with happy friends and napping with sleepy friends.

When people moan about the internet making our generation less social its a pile of horsepoop. Without facebook, instag and snapchat and all of the other forms of social media that rule our lives, I wouldn’t know that Millie was watching LOTR again, that megan was at the bloody gym again (the bitch), that jess deadlifted a new weight, that char had her nails done and looks sharp, that liv is reunited with her brother, that Jodie looks like a cowboy today, that mimi’s wingtips are on point as per, that lauren broke another phone, that Ri went to ann summers OR ALL THE OTHER ESSENTIAL THINGS I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MY FRIENDS BECAUSE ITS THESE LITTLE THINGS THAT I MISS OUT ON BUT I ADORE BECAUSE IT’S WHAT MAKES THEM WHO THEY ARE

so I say PRAISE THE INTERNET keep snapchatting your ‘boring’ days, keep moaning about public transport on twitter, show me your makeup on Instagram and facebook message me that funny video that made you choke on your drink because I love it and I love you




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