the problem with gaming

Okay so I admit I game. A lot. I love it but there are also a lot of problems that come with playing games and I would like to share them with you because they trouble me.

Apologies to non-gamers, this may not make sense but I won’t always post such jargonic things (yep new word)

  1. I can never actually buy Proudspire Manor in Solitude and live there with my Nordic husband, my adopted children and my wonderful hopes and dreams
  2. I have an acute attraction to Nathan Drake and I can’t help myself
  3. I also will kill everyone if Sully ever dies and it makes me very emotional thinking about it
  4. Lara Croft’s physique upsets me because no matter what position she is in, she never gets stomach rolls
  5. I run away from my problems in Witcher because sometimes the monsters make me jump so much my fear level increases more than Roach’s
  6. Lugdash is my worst enemy in Mordor and I cannot kill the bastard
  7. I avoid the sex scenes because I’m scared I’ll drool over Geralt’s chest
  8. I’m sad I cant just crouch in real life and instantly become a sneaky ninja
  9. I stop and wait at red lights in GTA and that is why I am not cut out to play it ever again
  10. When I’m trying to be quiet, I often dragonshout and kill everyone and it happens more than I would like to admit
  11. Free running around any AC map has given me unrealistic views on the ability to get around cities
  12. I let my followers fight monsters in Dragon Age and I just stand back and shoot them with my unlimited and fairly useless arrows
  13. Frost Trolls No
  14. I get so tense in SoM that I often have to take breaks to avoid fainting
  15. Finally my favourite thing to do EVER is just stand and look at the sky in Skyrim.

I feel better for sharing. Please comment your gaming problems for us all to share in with you



5 thoughts on “the problem with gaming

  1. 1. I really want to mow my lawn using a sword rather than a lawn mower
    2. I will always miss every aerial shot I attempt in Rocket League
    3. I can never pull of any of the cheeky shortcuts others manage Mario Kart
    4. I still harbour hopes Talon will grant me permission to marry his daughter, Malon, in Ocarina of Time

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