it’s so easy to go cruelty free

So I am the biggest soppiest animal lover known to exist at the moment, like I have sat and cried at a kestrel because its so beautiful BUT ANYWAY earlier this year I found out how many beauty products are tested on animals and it blew my mind! Like this isn’t about pretty lil piglets getting their trotters painted red or little bunnies having their hair dyed a lovely pastel purple, this is about poor fuzzy critters being harmed by chemicals for no damn reason other than for us to look like we’ve got slightly longer eyelashes or rosier cheeks.

It’s a tragedy that animal testing still happens, I’d thought it had been outlawed but I was so wrong. It is actually LAW that if a company sells products in China, it HAS to test on animals LIKE DUDE WHAT THE HELL CHINA!? STAHP. So if any of your makeup is on sale there (idk you may have been there or you can just google it) you know there’s a little mouse family somewhere who are very sad because of it (I made myself too sad there omg no stop)


You’ll become a pro in no time, just gotta look for the little leaping bunny sign to show its a vegan (therefore all natural and no animal products used) and cruelty free product. Lots of other makeup, shampoos and skincare is veggie too (so not fully vegan but still cruelty free) and so you can buy it and feel all fresh and yummy and also happy that you haven’t endorsed the cruelty of animals!

Now I know it’s hard to hear this when you’re loyally obsessed with your Velvet Teddy MAC lippy (yeah I was too) or your L’oreal shampoo but there are SO many options out there that are so similar. Prime example, I swapped my MAC lipsticks for M&S autograph matte lipsticks and they’re actually better and prettier and longer lasting and cheaper and hurray.

Really I just want to make people a bit more aware of the harm caused by certain products. Maybe next time you’re picking up a cheap handwash that you don’t care about, pick a SOURCE branded one that smells like sunshine (vegan) or a different facial cleanser (go for Botanics, in Boots, rather than Nivea or  Clean and Clear, its the best by 10000 miles).

I will love you forever if you just read this and just CONSIDER where and how stuff is made, just to think if its all really worth it. If you’re buying stuff without having any love for it, or buying out of necessity… one of these brands (they’re usually the exact same price or even cheaper)

Here is a little pic of cruelty free brands for Makeup that you can use with a clear conscience! (Ok some of their parent companies sell in China and are therefore not cruelty free but I’m easing you into this and giving you options)

(Don’t worry I’m not always gonna post ranty posts, I just need to get this out of my system)


I made this, pls use it because it took bloody ages


2 thoughts on “it’s so easy to go cruelty free

  1. it’s so so good to see more and more people going cruelty free!! At first I thought it was going to be super hard but we still have so many options and it feels good knowing that you’re helping an animal out. Hopefully one day every brand will become cruelty free if enough people switch, great post! 😛

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