what products to I use

I realise my just blabbering about cruelty free products may have been more helpful if I gave you examples of what products I use, how I find them and whether they’re in fact cheaper than (cruelty) branded alternatives! Cruelty free stuff is also great for sensitive skinned people AND IF YOU WANT TO SMELL FANTASTIC and look delectable

this is kind of a master post for you to refer to if ever stuck!

Stap, Shower Time

Boots: Kind Natured Colour care shampoo (with coconut and shea) for when my head is red or green, or I usually go for Kind Natured Volumising shampoo (with rosemary and mint) because my hair can be flatter than a pancake someone sat on


I don’t use conditioner but the conditioners that are associated with these shampoos are probably equally as excellent

ALSO Boots ‘Yes To’ range is killer, it has shampoos and conditioners for dry hair (carrots or coconut), sensitive skin (cucumber), frizzy hair (blueberry) or fine hair (cucumber)


Boots Botanics range (MY FAV BRAND EVER) do lovely shampoos but I can barely ever find them in smaller Boots which is the only reason I don’t buy them more but they do lovely colour care/ moisture/ smoothing shine/ instant volume shampoos and conditioners


Scrub me up buttercup

You cannot beat the tingly fresh Original Source Mint feeling but some people hate the coolness of it (IT’S FAB THO) but they do yummy other flavours like mango, lime,  lavender & teatree, lemon and teatree, vanilla and raspberry and coconut and are all VEGAN

£2.30 but really often on like £1 offers so yay (Boots, Superdrug, basically every supermarket ever)

also Boots Botanics range do luxurious shower creams (Mediterranean eden…how is that not heavenly)


Superdrug’s own brand Fruity showergels are fab and only £0.99 or usually buy two for £1.40 so YOU CAN’T LOSE and you can smell like dragonfruit and vanilla or a billion other fruity flavours

Hand soaps for dem sink times

Original Source wins my vote again with their handsoaps, usually only £1 and leaves you feeling clean and fresh

Want a fancy one? Get a Molton Brown handsoap, no idea how much they are but they’re a good cruelty free brand

My fav (apart from Source) is Method Handwash, Botanical Garden…. It even has a cute lil label describing how it doesn’t test on animals so you can’t go wrong

£2 (from Sainsbury’s and other supermarkets)

Any Marks and Spencer hand soap, they’re a cruelty free advocate so you have many many options lovely humans


Facial cleansing and stuff like that on your face

Who would have guessed it but I’m obsessed with Botanics Micellar cleanser, its so calming and soothing and soft and so deep cleansing, and fantabulous. It even takes your makeup off at the same time so its not only fresh feeling but it gets rid of an extra hassle of another step

Coupled with Botanics All bright day cream and night cream, my face looks and feels like a baby’s ass. They’re all developed with Kew Gardens and the fact the tagline is ‘the power of plants’…well you see why I love it.

ALSO SO INEXPENSIVE, I’ve used so many different products over the years on my face but these are the cheapest and by far the best I’ve ever used

£2.24 for the Micellar Water

£2.50 for each of the creams (come in age defying ones, not just all bright)

they also do babywipes because DID YOU KNOW JOHNSONS COMPANY TESTS ON ANIMALS so it may be fine for babies but its not very nice for poor animals so I have happily switched to Botanics to avoid Johnsons

Household cleaning

When you do your dishes, ECOCOVER because it doesn’t harm any lil animals that live in the water that your old dishwater feeds into…..AND IT LASTS FOREVER

ALSO USE ECOCOVER FOR EVERYTHING they do laundry detergent, dishwasher tablets, toilet cleaner, multi-purpose spray AND SOAPS AND STUFF

so basically change to ecocover because its lifechanging and not expensive and wont kill lil animals and isn’t gonna make your eyes water with bleachy fumes

Can be purchased at basically all supermarkets


So realistically if I told you EVERY product I use we’d be here until the apocalypse but I’ll give you the ‘statement’ items that I use daily because they’re fab

Barry M liquid waterproof blink precision pen: £4.59

Barry M showgirl mascara: £4.99

Autograph matte velvet lipstick: £10

Autograph matte mousse foundation (MY LIFESAVER BECAUSE IT GOES AS PALE AS ME AH YAH) available in 6 colours: £9.50 (sometimes on 3 for 2 offers)

Autograph blusher (required because I am 100% ghost): £9.50

Natural Collection Powder(luckily comes in my level of transluscent): £2

Natural Collection lipliner: £1

Superdrug Makeup Revolution: Highlighter peach lights £3

Makeup Revolution: Eyeshadow redemption palatte £4

Makeup Revolution ultra eyebrow palatte dark: £8

Makeup Brushes: either Marks and Spencers or Eco Tools (superdrug or boots) £variouspounds

Nail varnish: Sally Hansen, Wet n wild (vegan and strengthens your nails yay), barry m, crabtree and eveylyn or autograph m&s 🙂

SEE your makeup doesn’t have to be expensive to be of a really good quality! I don’t miss mac or rimmel or smashbox or benefit…….all my makeup now is so much better and longer lasting and just looks fantabulous


there ARE COUNTLESS cruelty free brands out there that I don’t necessarily use but that doesn’t mean they’re not as good as these!














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