charity shop obsessed

If you know me, you know my style is important to me. I like to wear things other people don’t have and I LIKE TO BUY IT FOR VERY LITTLE MONEY

The main motivation behind charity shopping originally was to help charities (duh) but also to not fuel sweatshop fuelled high street brands. Now it has become an obsession in my life

It’s like going on a treasure hunt to see what little hidden gem you can find and when you find those Levis that fit like a pro and are a fiver, well, you have won the game and can go home happy.  This is maybe the lamest statement I will EVER say so prepare yourself but

bargains are better than drugs

okay so hear me out…the other day I bought £150 worth of Marks and Spencer’s underwear for £18 in their sale (this is a charity shop tangent but it’s a necessary example so don’t shout at me, I can hear you shouting stop it) and FOR DAY I WAS THE HAPPIEST PERSON EVER TO EXIST I literally wanted to hug strangers and show them all the bras I bought. My good mood lasted into the day after as I woke up and realised how freakin great I had been at shopping the day before. It was a wonderful few days on the back of a bargain.

So not only did I get a stack of pretty new things but it also cost barely anything and I can use them loads and feel great every time I wear them, and I was on a high for two days with no come down……….UM SO MUCH BETTER THAN ANY KIND OF DRUG duh, go shopping and buy bargains instead of drugs kids


It drives my friends crazy when they love something I’m wearing and ask where its from and when I explain it was a charity shop I feel like a boss ass bitch because 1) they know it’ll have been crazy cheap 2) they can’t go buy it MWAHA I WIN

You get to chat to the lovely (often elderly) wee women in the shops and have a lovely cheery conversation about the weather which is always joyous

When you do buy things, they’re a fraction of the price any shop would ever sell it for and you know you’re helping a good cause!

..I know what you’re going to say….”but someone might have died wearing that”….OKAY PROBABLY NOT ALRIGHT, dead people are actually buried IN clothes so they wouldn’t strip them purely to send to a charity shop AND EVEN IF THE CLOTHES DID belong to someone who isn’t with us anymore…..just wash the damn clothes you fools, washing machines are your friend, use them

(not condoning ‘using’ your friends or taking advantage of them, only really referring to washing machines and other appliances here)

Its got to the stage that if I walk into a high street shop I feel like everyone stops and stares at me knowing that I don’t belong here. I get confused because there are more than one size of each item of clothing. Everything looks like it could be worn as an outfit together. You’re surrounded by people wearing the clothes that are already in the shop. Everyone knows what they’re looking for and where sections are in the shop……

WHEREAS I am Queen of the Charity Shops. I can spot a hidden treasure from a mile off, search through the rails at lightning speed, find you clothes that look hip as hell when you put them on when you originally thought they looked like an old man’s tent and I can find  you at least 8 pieces of clothing for under £10.


When I finish an exam or stressful piece of work, I treat myself to a charity shop binge instead of an alcohol binge…I END UP LOOKING RADICAL AND EVERYONE ELSE IS HUNGOVER who wins?






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