ode to a professional napper

Darling nappers in the month of may
I salute your dreaming state
Remember this though as you rest
Dont sleep too long now mate

The nappers law is true and pure
No naps past six o’clock
Or youll wake up in another century
Feeling limp as a dirty sock

Limit yourself to under 2 hours
I know, its a challenging task
But otherwise youll never arise
Forever stuck in your sleeping mask

Trust in my words, I nap a lot
Even three times in a day
And look at me, a happy chick
Ready to frolick and dance and play

To those who say you waste your day
Lolling about in bed
You’ll not be saying that when you’re dead

For while in naps you dream of things
Of adventures and romance alike
But in real life i have to shower and cook
Its way less cool so on yer bike

So to napping pals I send hugs to thee
May your sleeps be snuggly and sweet
(but not too warm or you’ll sweat like hell)
Good night, in your dreams may we meet


Written at 1.30am, I am not trying to be Wordsworth, I am being FRIVOLOUS and ironic because I’m freaking awake at 1.30am and dreaming of naps yeah no biggy whatever, enjoy your stupid poem and be done with it xxxx


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