A lesson in judgement

Sunday really made me really open my eyes to the world

It was a lovely day in Belfast, so naturally everyone flocked to the Botanic Gardens to relax with friends and enjoy the atmosphere. We happily sat people-watching and dog-swooning. There was a smarmy git with no shirt on, wandering around to get attention before sitting down to play his guitar, constantly watching who was watching him. Ive realised by writing this I was clearly watching him and by watching him watching everyone watching him I’ve fallen into his trap GODDAMN IT. But I was looking at him thinking he was a knob so I still win, lets move on quickly and forget this ever happened what man what guitar I have no idea what you’re talking about, no.

BACK TO THE POINT, next to us sat a couple with their pet Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The girl was very very pregnant and in a colourful happy dress, enjoying the sun. Her fella was drinking a corona, had a shaved head and many tattoos, smoking a fag and holding the dog’s lead. The dog was very barky and would bark aggressively at passing dogs and the guy would have to hold him back. Sounds like you’d avoid them right? Yeah, many people did,  edging around them and avoiding eye contact and looking somewhat scared hmmmm.

Myself  (and megan, hi megan!! For those of you reading this…shes my pal) (you’re obviously reading this….) ANYWAY WE were obsessed with the dog, as usual, I wanted to be its best friend. Animals are my friends. Yay all animals. Plus it had the kindest face. SO we asked if we could pet it and the guy was super happy for us to. We plonked ourselves and sat beside them on a bench and met Tigger who attacked us with kisses and beat us up with his happy waggy tail. Chatting to the couple I found out she (the woman not the dog) was due her little boy in a month and they were both so excited. The dog? They got him from a rescue, he didn’t like other dogs because of something bad in his past but he was great with people. The dude would grab the dogs face when it was barking (“to attack”) and kissed it on the nose (true love).

While we were playing with Tigger, I looked over and the guy was leaning across to his girlfriend/wifes stomach and was whispering to his unborn baby “I’m your daddy and I can’t wait to meet you”. So bloody tender. Just because he has loads of tattoos and a “scary” dog….are you surprised? It’s a shame that so
many people would be

I guess its even a shame that I’m writing this post trying to break people’s preconceptions…a truly lovely and friendly little family, with a new member on the way. So sweet to chat to, warm and happy to chat to strangers fawning over their dog (with only the mild intention to steal it).

They had to leave because they obvs actually have a life and as they walked away, I watched people avoid them and steer their children away. Why? From this loveable couple with a loveable dog? GAH

(Meanwhile a ‘normal’ or ‘harmless’ looking student shouted abuse at an international student for being foreign. Bastard.)

So it just made me think really. Sorry this isn’t a funny post but I couldn’t get them outta my head. It is such a shame that we prejudge people so readily, and only certain types of people. Be aware of how easy it is, and maybe open your mind and leave your preconceptions at the door

It’ll make for a happier life

(Add puppies and cake into the mixture and it’ll make for THE HAPPIEST life)

Peace out


One thought on “A lesson in judgement

  1. What a lovely day in the gardens you had with your Pal and your new ickle family. Great read as always and has brightened my morning reading this story, even though its raining here today in uk. X

    Liked by 1 person

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