I JUST GOT MY PRE-ORDERED COPY OF UNCHARTED 4 AND I’M SO EXCITED TO PLAY IT HOLY MOSES SANDALS okay yeah its only like 3 months late and also my playstation is in England AND I’M NOT but whatever, it’s there for when I get home and I’m so pumped

Anyways, when I talk about video games I get a wide variety of different responses because I’m a girl so I am going to share these with you NOW, GET READY

Firstly the most common and slightly (and by slightly I mean very) stereotypical reaction is the ‘oh you game? but you’re a girl’ kinda thing. UM YEP I clearly am, have you seen the amount of Skyrim-inspired jewellery I wear, my ring isn’t inscribed with “Dovakin Olivia” for nothing (kudos to my mother for being the most badass present buyer ever man). I don’t get where this idea that guys game more than girls came from?! It’s maybe linked with the idea that boys like shooty things and girls like pretty things, you know that ancient concept. Well yes I like pretty things but dude I am kickass at CoD so I will shoot you in the crotch without any sense of guilt, I’ll probs fist pump the air in triumphant glory. Stereotyping in modern society is so OLD FASHIONED like everyone is so different and there are no gender boundaries or social prejudices like they used to (cue loads of people telling me there are, yes okay, it’s not perfect but our society is at least slightly more fluid than it used to be, don’t get me started on that, I’m talking about games here stop please look how much of a tangent you’ve already put me on).

ANYWAY BACK TO THE POINT yeah so its weird that people assume I’m not as good at gaming as they are because I’m female? It’s almost like I instantly have to prove myself rather than just be accepted as amazing (the same could be said for all aspects of life trolololololololol no stop). Just because I have a womb does not mean that my platinum trophy on Skyrim means any less than yours (oh wait, you don’t have one, because you’re not as good……FIGHT ME).

(must stop talking about Skyrim)

The second reaction is usually from dudes or girls who like girls because otherwise it wouldn’t make sense, but people instantly find you more attractive because you can hit lots of buttons in a cohesive order. Okay? Why is it that girls who game are hotter than guys who game? Girl gamers are hot and guy gamers are just judged for being on their Xboxes all the time and ignoring their girlfriends? It’s odd how stereotypes run so deeply when it comes to playing damn video games?! I just do not understand the logic so if anyone does please tell me and help a sista out. WHY ARE THERE DOUBLE STANDARDS NO PLS STAHP

The third reaction is one of disbelief, like a girl who is into reading and history and gets good grades and has a social life (…mehh ish) actually enjoys gaming. UM YES?! Have you seen the intense beauty of gaming scenes and scenery? ITS MAGICAL like genuinely, technology is so incredible that I can feel like I’m in a totally different world and I can live in it, its breathtaking, don’t look down on it because ACTUALLY gaming is  better than watching a damn film because YOU’RE IN IT. There is no ‘typical’ gamer, don’t assume there is. Do you have apps on your phone that are lil games? Then you count. Did you ever get bored in ICT at school and sneakily play Minesweeper? You count (also if anyone actually understands the rules of that please also tell me, I just clicked buttons and hoped for the best. A metaphor for life really yeo). ALL THE KINDS OF PEOPLE PLAY GAMES so don’t be surprised.

(I keep saying ‘don’t do this’, dude do whatever you want idk anything, I’m just suggesting things but hey it makes it more dramatic if I say DO NOT DO THIS OR YOU WILL GO TO THE DEEPEST LEVEL OF HELL when really I just mean ‘dude maybe try this?’)

I CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT THE INITAL POINT OF THE POST WAS BECAUSE I GOT EXCITED ABOUT UNCHARTED AGAIN GOODNESS ME but it’s something about stereotypes or something idk who even knows what anything is in life anymore.


(yeah, that’s right, I’m basically calling you all pheasant babies, yo, deal with it)


P.S. Look at the charm my mother got me for my bracelet, it’s like I’M REALLY MAKING IT

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IMG_20160514_141104 [100339]


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