the language of love

So I was talking to my pals the other day (bla bla yes I have friends don’t start) and a guy we met in the street who was originally from Brazil and super interesting (I love how sometimes you meet people and have deep life conversations with them and you remember there are good people in the world, not every stranger is a terrorist/murderer)
ANYWAY we were discussing the changeability of the English language. Hear me out, its not going to be a boring post don’t worry, it’s usefully educational. One word can be used to mean SO many different things and its all based on how you say it and the situation you’re in. I’ll give you an example….

I am in love with you= refers to the only person you romantically love, da most speshal

I love you= reserved for family and best friends, people you couldn’t live without but not romantic

Love you= aimed at good friends or people you admire or even to bolster weak friendships/acquaintances, the same way overuse of compliments sometimes is used too… mostly for bffs tho

I love.. = referring to objects/events/places/things that aren’t people…. expressing deep liking for something, often appears like an exaggeration but sometimes you actually just love milkybar and you gotta let the romance engulf you.

ily= written abbreviation of ‘I love you’ (obviously) saved for kind of friends online or in texts when you’re trying to be speedy and profess your friendly love with your buddies

ly= the lesser version of the above ‘ily’….the I actually means a lot and changes a lot in a sentence with ‘love’ in it…..

ily2 or ly2= almost an insult nowadays, if someone says this to you, be slightly offended.

SEE LOOK HOW MANY DIFFERENT VARIETIES OF SAYING THAT YOU LOVE SOMETHING!?!?! No wonder how many misunderstandings are born from talking over the internet/text. Or even over the phone (though I get anxious making phone calls so I avoid them…) Missing an “I” from saying that you love someone can spark an argument, saying that you love puppies and then love someone… it seems like you’re lessening your love of the person (although if I EVER say I love you as much as puppies then you know it’s the real deal…)

I kind of miss the days (not like I ever experienced them goddamn it) where everything was handwritten or spoken. You could arrange to meet your friends and enjoy speaking to them without being worried about that text you sent someone a week ago and if they actually got really pissed off at it. Saying that though, at least we don’t have fan etiquette….I couldn’t be dealing with that fluttery crap when all I want to say is ‘I need to pee’…..

We live in a Western world where there are lots of non native English speakers. Instead of getting angry when they don’t quite understand what you’re trying to say, just remember the first time you realised “read” and “read” were pronounced TOTALLY different and one was the past tense of the other… or the fact that “thought” “though” “thorough” and “through” are all soo similar but so different like what the hell. AND THE FACT THAT PEOPLE WHO ARE IN THEIR 20S AND HAVE LIVED IN THIS COUNTRY FOR THEIR WHOLE LIVES AND STILL USE THE WRONG “YOU’RE” AND “YOUR” OR “THEIR” “THERE” AND THEY’RE” LIKE SERIOUSLY PEOPLE…. so if we struggle with it, cut a bit of slack for people who’ve had to try and learn this nonsensical rubbish.

I don’t really know what my initial point was, something about language idk but my point now is probably something entirely different and I don’t even know what anything is any more help

peace out


lol just kidding, my heart belongs to this beauty…..IMG_20160514_141104 [100339](always and forever)

I just love you guys

as it should be





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