A happy momentous day juxtaposed against a horrible event that almost ruined my freedom. Let me set the scene for you…

We had finally finished out exams, finished third year, finished our degrees and finished university. Freaking brilliant mateeeeee, happy little bunnies even happier because the sun was blazing and the cocktails were rolling in. Sounds idyllic. I’m lucky to have such a tight bunch of guys within archaeology, like I don’t know any other class where the entire class bonds so well. Super cute blah blahhh

Anyhoo, we were all sat in a nice pub garden, enjoying the sunshine. No one was loud, no one was obnoxious… most of us were slightly sleepy in the heat and all were happy and friendly. What had we got to be annoyed about? Nadda. That is until a vile human being decided to ruin it. I almost feel pity for him now as I think back. It must be shite being so widely hated, but its his own vitriolic fault. Firstly he spewed abuse about Megatron (hey Megan Rose yeo buddy ur in ma blog n ting) moving a chair. Now she moved it BEHIND a FIXED lamppost but this dude decided he did not have enough room to ‘manoeuvre’ out of his seat. She kindly moved it and apologised (it wasn’t in his damn way) and when she asked if it was okay he sharply replied “is there room? can you see room? Yeah? Well sit the f*** down then”. UM RUDE!?! No call for that. He also dropped his pizza so was riled. Not our fault mate, calm your horses.

Then…a couple were trying to find a seat and luckily a couple of our large party had departed. This meant there was a table free for them… sweet, no problem. This arsehole decided it was his right to call them over and demand they move the table in the middle of our group because “they’ve been sat here and all they’re drinking is water so why are they even here wasting our space”…UM RUDE X2. I let it go. About 10 minutes later I could STILL hear him mumbling profanities under his breath about us until he called over to the couple he forced into seats to discuss how we shouldn’t be there. Me, being the patriot of fairness, very VERY politely turned to him (he was basically next to me ew) and said “excuse me sir, sorry, but we’ve been here a while and have likely spent over £100 between us, we are celebrating finishing university and have every right to be here, just so you know”. You’d think I’d put my naked bum in his food and wiggled it about because he looked as though he was about to have a heart attack…. A YOUNG GIRL ACTUALLY STOOD UP TO HIM? HOW DARE SHE? SHE IS MERELY A STUDENT? THEY HAVE NO SENSE OR RESPECT IN HIS EYES… ESPECIALLY A FEMALE? AND SHE DEIGNED TO SPEAK TO HIIIIIIM?!

He LAUNCHED at me, shouting that he wasn’t speaking to me. True, he wasn’t but I explained he was negatively speaking about us and I didn’t find it pleasant. It was a nice summer’s afternoon, no need for unpleasantness. Yep well I basically just shot his cat in front of him and cooked it for his dinner judging by the next look I got. He started abusively shouting at me, of course, and stated that he was 65 years old. I haven’t a clue why he deemed this important. I replied “I appreciate that sir but it doesn’t mean you can patronise us or disrespect us”. He went BEETROOT like ACTUALLY BECAME A RED VEGETABLE OF ANY SORT YOU WOULD LIKE TO IMAGINE. He was APPALLED that I had spoken to him in such a manner (yep okay, I couldn’t have been more polite if I had been dining with the Queen at the Palace darling). At this point a couple of the others kicked off a bit, swearing etc at the obnoxious slugman but I calmed them knowing it wouldn’t help. The best way to get at scumbags like that was to be so polite it makes them self implode. He stormed off after threatening to hit me I think, or maybe fight me….something I’d regret anyway he said, and wanted the bartender to get us all kicked out. As soon as the bartender arrived with the huffy puffy slugman shouting at us, I took the bartender to one side and explained the situation very calmly. I had apologised to his girlfriend and the nearby tables for his behaviour and described I only felt he was offending us unfairly. They all agreed.

Meanwhile his poor girlfriend had started to cry. I went over to her while Megatron and Cato (new friend I met today aw) were comforting her. I gave her a tissue. I think slugman thought I gave her fecking leprosy because he SHOT OVER and pushed me (albeit very tentatively) away and told me to mind my f****** business. I told him to mind his partner because he’s upsetting her and also very strongly “DO NOT TOUCH ME”. He then leaned over me as I sat down and threatened to bring two glass jugs from the bar and hit me with them if I did anything else. Mhm sure, in case maybe I’m polite again… OH NO HOW DARE I ps omg I want to kill you, you’re an absolute troll hoof I hate you what the hell are you old fat man leave me alone you’re ruining my day holy moses.

The bartender had told me they had already received complaints about his behaviour and he was made to leave. When he left his poor partner broke down and cried, saying she was ashamed and embarrassed by his behaviour, she was sick of him acting like this, she was at breaking point, she’d had a previously really abusive marriage and was abused as a child and she was sick of it and had tried to commit suicide. At her heartfelt pleas myself and Megatron cried our damn eyes out, both having an awareness of emotional domestic abuse and knowing it is S.H.I.T.E. man. We reassured her that she had nothing to be embarrassed about and we were worried for her safety, he was a damn threat! The neighbouring table were also supporting us now and wanted to call the police on him. The woman left to go and find him but the next door table (lol what door) (hold the door? what? sorry.. inappropriate) went out to see if they could get her back and keep her away from Captain Slug. She was gone by the time they got there. All nearby tables came to ask if we were okay which was nice and we kind of finally stopped crying because the exhilaration of standing up to a man who was the same width as I am tall who threatened to hurt me was just overwhelming and the poor woman and her having to deal with him and clearly feeling trapped…..man it was just shite.

It shows you that

Just because people are older, it doesn’t mean they are wiser.

Just because someone is young, doesn’t mean they’re not wise and mature.

Just because I am a young female doesn’t mean you can walk all over me and I won’t stand up for myself.

Just because you’re a man, you are not entitled to anything.

Just because you’ve lived longer does not mean you’ve experienced more in your life.

Just because you’re 65 doesn’t mean you understand successful relationships or any inter personal interaction more than someone younger.

Just because you’re a bully, it doesn’t mean you’re going to win.

I’m sick of people assuming because someone is young that they’re inexperienced and naïve. We can be mature, wise, thoughtful, empathetic and rational which is far more than can be said for countless ‘older’ people. It is based on the person not their age bracket so stop judging me according to mine.

It shows you that it pays to be polite and treat people like human beings, even if you’re not treated the same in return. I am able to say that I am proud of how I acted and not ashamed. No doubt he will go home even angrier because he lost a fight with a girl 40 years younger than him. No doubt he’ll lash out again until he wins and validates his feeble sense of pride and self esteem. Meanwhile I went out for dinner and drinks with some of my best friends and enjoyed the rest of my day.

Who won here?



Peace out loves, never let anyone push you about and always be respectful and polite (because it’ll probably piss them off more mwaha) and you’ll never have anything to be embarrassed or ashamed about.


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