How y’all doing? WELL Grace and I are home from the paradeeesical (yep new word, fight me over it) Flower Hill Villa, after a week with this amazing crew of Texan babes. Look at  us, all happy and smiley and glowy… and all from across the world.


Let me take you back to last year… on my 21st birthday my Mam and I went to New York. Once we were there, we took a day to chill in Central Park. While standing on a bridge, couple asked if we wanted them to take a picture of us.. THUS WAS BORN A BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP. We chatted for a couple of hours on that bridge before parting ways. Mam and I went left and Joe and Carla went right. Almost as soon as we walked away we regretted not getting any contact details….LUCKILY FATE STEPPED IN. I’d seen a lady with a small dog dyed the same colour as her auburn hair and we stopped to pet it. Meanwhile Joe and Carla had left the park, regretted it and come back to find us. The fates stepped in (cue Hercules Fates dancing and singing this next bit of the story) and they somehow worked out which way we had wound (ALLITERATION BOSS) and found us! Mid cuddling the weird dog I felt a tap on my shoulder. They invited us for dinner…and when we asked where they were staying? It was 3 floors above us in the Waldorf…..WHAT ARE THE CHANCES. We went for dinner that evening and had the most wonderful meal and stayed up til 3am laughing and feeling like family. They left the next day.

BUT THEN THEY INVITED ME TO SPEND A WEEK WITH THEM IN JAMAICA?! ON THEIR FAMILY HOLIDAY WITH THEIR FAMILY AND THINGS. It didn’t even cross my mind not to go, despite travelling across the world to stay with people I’d only met for a few hours a year ago. It shows how there are people in the world that you’re meant to meet. I never used to be a big one for FATE AND DESTINY AND stuff like that I think maybe there’s something in it. Who knows. Anyway, the point is, we travelled across the world to Jamaica to meet everyone who had travelled from America to Jamaica and we all got on like bffs and familia and happy peoples. I met a brother who plays the lute LIKE ME WOT NO ONE PLAYS THE LUTE (hey Eric, shoutout to yo Texan navy boy ass), a dude that encouraged my adoration of anything alive (thank you Austin for being a gecko spotting babe), the sweetest couple who almost nailed their English accents and encouraged my learning of theirs (Lindsay and Peter, hey ma homies), a girl who looked like me while our dads looked the same…odd (Kensington, sister from another mister) and Brenda, Sarah, Thom, Joe, Carla and Linda….. people I could laugh with, and cry with when I got my Grad results. What a place to find out I’m going to graduate with a first class honours…and what a wonderful bunch of people to be with. They were all genuinely so happy for me and ignored my happy blubbing mess of a self and just were happy. It’s so rare to find genuine people that care … Texas you done good producing so many. Good job.





I guess it shows that the world isn’t as huge as sometimes we think it is. I can now solidly say I have a big group of Texan friends. Yeah its crap that they’re multiple hours away and a different time zone or two different but hey, some of my best friends live 10 minutes round the corner from me and I haven’t seen them in weeks….

People moan about social media but how else would we be able to keep up to date and communicate with friends in different countries. Its great and means I knew that everyone got back home by dinner time on Saturday MEANWHILE Grace and I got home dinner time SUNDAY stupid planes and delays and stupid things.

Before New York, the furthest I’d ever travelled from home was Kea in Greece or Rome or something like that. On my furthest trip away ever I met the Pickrels…which led to my newest furthest trip away… WHAT’S NEXT EH

I don’t have as much of a point to this blogpost as I thought but its basically just about the opportunities travel brings us, the people we can meet and make lifelong bonds with, the amazing places we can experience and all for what? Just some moneys and some time on a plane….and after 35 hours of travel I can tell you that its shite but so so worth it.

Peace out I’m jetlagged and tired

and I’m going to Glastonbury Festival this week so expect the next post to be next week AND from a very groggy Olive




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