I was born into the Pokemon generation. I was 5 when pokemon hit Europe and was obsessed from the get go. Jiggly Puff and Vulpix were big favs and Squirtle was my go to voice of choice when I was sick and had a sore throat. I thought I did the best impression ever, despite my mother constantly telling me to stop straining my voice… the beast could not be tamed. School days were spent showing off our pokemon cards. Man I had this rare sparkley Raichu card, dude I wish I still had that beauty. Anyway, I loved pokemon….does that come across?

SO HELLO POKEMON GO, you crept up on me and then BAM took over my life and I am happy that is has. Yes I have just come in from a drive around with my ma where I caught two Hypnos AND A JIGGLYPUFF HOLY MOLY and yes I have walked for ages trying to find the apparently nearby Squirtle AND Pikachu but nooOoOoOoOo the whole “nearby” system is broken so three pawprints means 100 miles in any direction yeah okay cheers Niantic sort it out mate I’m losing my nut here. Yeah also the pokedex please, mine only shows my my pointless lil lettuce Bulbasaur and doesn’t tell me about the cool weird monsters I find. I want to know if evolving them will make them uglier eg. Oddish to Gloom ew no. Pokemon masters of the world please hear my prayers. 

Anyway I think Go is such a great concept. I see people walking around with their pals catching endless fecking Ratatas and Pidgeys. I see groups of people crowded round pokestops talking to new people and enjoying pokemon chatter. I’ve started walking more just because I want to catch em all and god knows I should exercise more. This is a game that doesn’t mean you sit in front of your playstation or xbox…. it gets you out of the house and moving and communicating with real people. (I’m not dissing stationary gaming.. I’m still 100% for that too. Hell yeah I pokemon AND ps4 at the same time because I’m crazy). 

Excluding people walking into roads and rivers or people driving under 20mph to try and hatch their eggs without using their legs (I would do the same…. how am I meant to hatch my 10km eggs otherwise?! I only have tiny lazy legs). Everyone dissing the new obsession with these lil creatures needs to realise that this new craze is doing more good than bad! Its even helping with paediatrics as it gets the kids walking and talking which is so hard for them usually but the prospect of a lil Evee is enough to encourage them out of bed. Such a good thing right!?

(I have a deep affinity with an Oddish… leafy and small and a bit odd. Just wanted to share)

I have literally become 6 year old tiny olive again, doodling my fav pokemon while I’m watching crap on tv or waiting for the vibrate of a nearby pokefriend ready to be caught and loved and cherished. I’m scared to battle at gyms because I don’t want to hurt my lil guys or make them feel like I’m exploiting them for pokecoins because thats pokeprostitution and I’m not down for that. (I am aware this is not how you’re supposed to play but bite me). 

I’m off to try and catch a nidoran and get some more pokeballs at the pokestops near me (still like a mile away, anyone that lives in a town or city APPRECIATE IT, its a nightmare to do anything in the country….unless you want 100 weedles.)

Peace out pokemon hunters, may you always have pokeballs aplenty and lucky shots and minimal pidgeys.


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