hairy hair and things with hair and boobs

HELLO you pushed through the pain of that awful title to continue on this blogging adventure and I welcome you with hugs and some cupcakes, welcome to my gender equality pondering (p)rantyhose.

Because it’s still hot and I’ve completely run out of summer clothes I would like to discuss something that has been on my mind, as I sit in the same outfit I have worn for the last month (washed…occasionally).

It is shorts-wearing weather, crop tops and sleeveless shirts time and if you are a girl that requires continuous shaving of legs and underarms just so it is socially acceptable to wear minimal clothing. Don’t even get me started on the fact that if my shorts are short (no shit, that’s what the name implies) then suddenly I am showing a little bit too much skin because suddenly the skin that is on my bum is obscene whereas THE SAME SKIN that is on my thigh is acceptable for public viewing. Don’t even start I’m already frustrated holy moly nope.

So before I get sidetracked let me get back to my point. No matter how much more equal today’s society is, there are still massive gaps that need fixing. Why it is okay for guys to whip their tops off and walk around bear chested while if a girl does it its indecent? If she’s just in her bra then she’s instantly slut shamed and judged. If she was without a bra (you lucky women) and she took her top off then she would literally be arrested for indecent exposure.. I’M SORRY WHAT!? How is that fair? Do you actually understand what a nipple is? Boys and girls nipples are the same because some dudes even randomly have lactation problems because nipples are nipples regardless of who they are on.  (Im not saying women have random lactation problems i meant more that milk and stuff can happen idk ive got myself stuck in a lactation issue here and I dont know how to fix this. I do not lactate, some people do, milk is ok). AAAAAANYWAY do you understand what a boob is? It is fat. Two regions of fat. Boobs are one of the few areas that having more fat is deemed more attractive, the other being your bootay…..why is boob and bum fat of higher quality than tummy roll fat or wibbly thigh fat!? IT IS THE SAME oh my god I hate society. Guys have pecks and some dudes’ pecks are so big theyre bigger than most boobs but they’re allowed their tops off.. 

Why are there such double standards when it comes to female bodies!?

If a guy strolls about with fuzzy hairy legs, thats manly. If a girl does, its inappropriate and lazy and ugly? 

If a guy doesnt shave his underarms thats normal but if a girl doesn’t shes a weird hippy that guys dont want to touch.

If a girl doesn’t adhere to the modern concept of standardised beauty then she is instantly judged? And have you noticed how many of these things make you “unattractive”….to men!? Why is it all about male opinions? Why do women have to be squeaky clean and hairless with fat in all the ‘right’ places and skinny in the other bits to please men? HELL NO WHAT IS GOING ON!? 

If we want to live in a modern world we have to change some of these antique views of beauty and modesty because they’re outdated and quite frankly offensive. 

So for the rest of the hot weather girls? Wear as much or a little clothing as you want. Don’t bother shaving your legs or underarms if you don’t want to. Maybe don’t go fully topless yet because you’ll still get police after you but you can yolo all other aspects of what you want to look like. Don’t let society put you in a box.
P.S. i know there are loads of biases against men but that is for another post because the lactation has made me want to end this post early

PPS not my lactation i just mean the topic in general

PPPS im never gonna say lactation again ive used my lifetime quota

Peace out summerlings


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