Relocating to a brand new area is exciting and daunting at the same time. You’re filled with a sense of hope and adventure while also slightly wanting to become a hermit because you don’t know where anything or who anyone is. Its an odd push-me-pull me sort of situation and you’re stuck in limbo. I want some chips but don’t know where the chips live so I’ll just stay inside and eat digestives and think about the chips but not go get them because it’s a lot of effort to find someone’s house when you don’t know the area.

 I’m currently sitting in the cinema waiting to watch Bridgey Jonesey on my own. Earlier I went for lunch on my own and had the company of a good book. I actually think moving somewhere new, somewhere you don’t know anyone is invigorating. Yeah its terrifying and sitting in your room anxiously deciding what to do is a common occurrence but hey I usually do that kind of thing anyway so I’m only increasing the frequency and that wont be forever. Instead its forcing me to be social, to make new acquaintances. But I did this at uni last time? Whats the difference? This time I’m not obliged to make best buds with my neighbours, I can pick friends who I have a solid friendship base with instead of merely out of convenience. But most importantly I am learning to be comfortable with my own company! Okay so I always have been really, I’m an only child, you grow up like that and become a pro. I was always happy to sit with tea and a book on my own in my house or in a park but for some reason taking that to a coffee shop or restaurant freaked me out. I was scared people would pity me or feel bad for me. But when I would look at people doing the exact same thing I’d always be like “go you buddy!”. Now its my turn to go! I’ve stopped worrying what people think and its liberating. No one knows me here. No one cares. 

Reinventing yourself is so cliche, but reviving yourself isn’t. It’s kinda cool to be able to act the confidence you may feel you lack and soon enough itll seep in and become a part of you. So new cities are scary as hell yes and geographical nightmares. You need to learn the dodgy areas and which streets to avoid at night. You need to find your fav takeaways which requires rigorous testing (aw shame). You need to learn the best pubs, to avoid the ones with sleazy old men locals, the nicest cafes with the quietest seats for reading, and where the all important charity shops are. I havent found this all out yet, doubt I will any time too soon. But I will and that’s a nice thought. Theres new things to do and nothing is boring or old news. I may sit in my pyjamas all day and only eat biscuits and watch a whole series on Netflix one day but the next I could explore the west side of the city and find my new favourite place. It doesnt matter which I do, the point is I can choose. 

So all you folks in new cities, exploring and adventuring (and hiding from the world occassionally), use this as your chance to spread your lil wings and fly into your futures.

Peace out 


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