So I’ve been veggie for maybe 6 months now? I’ve always wanted to go vegetarian because I’m the biggest lover of animals ever but I never ate enough stuff to be able to cut out such a big aspect of my diet. This year I decided the time was right and went veggie, finding it really easy at first. Cutting out eating my furry friends was simple enough because I never cooked meat anyway because the texture grossed me out and the excuse to buy and cook quorn was welcome (on the very rare occasions where I would actually even cook anything). What else? Going out I would just ask for tofu instead of chicken in my wagamamas dishes, yo sushi is easy to veggie-ise and pastas/chips/other carby delights are all meat free anyway so what was the problem! nothing…

HOWEVER recently I’ve been really struggling. Suddenly I’m craving a ham an cheese toastie, a chicken burger or a hot dog…. like WHAT since when!? I hardly ever craved these foods throughout my whole life but now it’s all I can think about. I am prone to low blood sugar, blood pressure etc and sometimes a lack of protein can really negatively affect me BUT I never ate much before so why now?! It’s killing me having to battle eating meat because I don’t ethically believe in the way animals are treated but also I am an archaeologist…I am aware humans have eaten animals for tens of thousands of years. I wear leather but I make sure its ethically sourced, vintage or British made where animal cruelty laws are far stricter than in other countries eg. China etc. I do drink milk but try and only get it from organic farms or places like Waitrose who don’t over milk their cows (don’t start shouting at me, I feel guilty but can’t become vegan or I’d die). Can I reason away the fact I’m eating animals if they are happy/healthy and well cared for in life? If their deaths are ethical and painless? Even writing the words “deaths are ethical” is just ridiculous because they’re still being killed for our consumption on a huge world-wide scale. But then I think, if we didn’t eat them would they be bread on such a large scale anyway? Does that cause issues I should be worrying about too!? OMG ITS SO COMPLICATED AND I JUST WANT SOMME SWEET AND SOUR CHICKEN WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO

I think the only way forward is to listen to my body….if you’re craving something, chances are its because your body is lacking in something important and needs it. I feel like Phoebe when she is surrogate for her brother and the triplets inside her are making her eat meat. Except there are DEFINITELY no babies inside me, its just my noisy organs shouting about what they’re in the mood for. I’m going to become a “beachcomber vegetarian” and pick and choose. It sounds so fickle and selfish but its too tough trying to find what to eat that’s not meat…..there are only so many chips I can eat before I’m going to turn into one. But I’m gonna find a way to balance my meat eating out….I haven’t worked out quite how yet but I’ll get there

Maybe for every meat-meal I eat, I’ll buy an animal and look after it and smother it with love. I would like this method but I don’t think I can fit multiple chickey friends in my small ensuite room in my graduate halls…..but if I could I would.

It’s tough trying to battle with your social conscious and your ethical beliefs when you don’t have a very wide spectrum of food-likes. And also when you’re not rich. That’s such a big part of it as well. Oh goodness me, I’m sorry this post is such a confusion of ideas and jumbled sentences but that is an accurate portrayal of my mind at the moment. If anyone can help that would be great but no mushrooms or humus please because EW

The moral of this story is: listen to your gut….literally and try and find other ways around your issues if the first path doesn’t work.

Yeah see that, I can twist  even the most garbled post into a deep and meaningful moral comment on life. BOOM


Peace out





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