“I can’t juggle”…a metaphor for life

So I cant juggle, not for anything. I have juggling balls at home but still, no matter how hard I try I can only manage 2 balls which does not count as juggling thats just throwing and catching quickly. I used to be very good at sports: rounders, netball and cricket. Those sports require ball handling (don’t be filthy all ye who sniggered there) so why can’t I juggle ..

I feel this whole situation is a metaphor for life, in particular students. Whether you be undergrad or postgrad or a perpetual student, juggling is what you’re expected to do every day but no matter how good you are at ball handling (behave) on a singular basis ie how good you are at nailing an essay or presentation in one module, as soon as you have to juggle those balls, everything falls apart. The same can be said for university. As soon as you have not one but three essays due all in a two week period, and a shit ton of reading to plough through, not only for your essays but for your seminars and supervisions….your 2 ball juggle suddenly turns into trying to manage 18 balls and some have spikes on.

Its not that youre not capable, you totally are. You get the principle of juggling and you understand the logic of it. You know how to prioritise your work and how to skim read the important intro, chapter headings and concludions. But as soon as it comes to actually doing it all, actually keeping those balls in the air, you find yourself watching The Great British Bake Off and all your balls are scattered around your room and desk and floor but you’re more interested in the fact that Selasi is not calm this week and something must be wrong.

Its a tough life having all the balls is what I’m saying (okay youre allowed to snigger there that was a fully intentional one) but its also okay to let some balls drop, as long as you pick them up, dust them off and throw them back up into the air. You dont have to be a good juggler to try and juggle! Hell, you can be the worst juggler in the juggling history of europe dating back to the 13th century, but as long as you give it your all then who can tell you off for trying? No one. (Well, supervisors can if you dont do any work and you cannot use this blog post as a reference as to why and how you can juggle so watched tv instead). 

Moral of this metaphor?
Keep trying to juggle my little jesters, as long as youve got some of the balls in the air youll be okay
Peace out


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