So as a 20-something-year-old, I share a lot in common with other people my age. Great style? Nope. Youth and vigour? Hell no. An ability to sleep forever? Well yes but that’s not it….the wonderfully happy and cheery answer is DEBT.

How hideous is that. At 22 years old I’m already about £45GRAND in debt. Did I get a fancy car or nice house for that money? NOPE. I got education. I’m in almost 50k worth of debt (I’ll be about 70k if I need a loan for my PhD) just because I wanted to better myself and learn stuff. It’s tragic and obscene that this is the situation we all face nowadays. I’ll likely never pay it back, which people say to make me feel better. Um no, that still means I’ll have debt hanging over my head all my life until one day they decide I was inadequate enough to not pay it and it disappears. Meanwhile my kids are probably starting their education and the cycle is already beginning again. If I didn’t have this much debt I’d be in a far more positive mind set for the rest of my life. I’d know how to handle my finances better rather than just blowing my student loan and then scrimping the remaining fiver for about two weeks. Oh what did I ‘blow’ my loan on? Accommodation. Yeah, trying not to be homeless. What a frivolous thing to spend my loan on.

My issue now is, if I want to move into my own house, like a proper family home with a boy and a dog and a baby when I’m a proper adult (in like 100 years please not yet), I’ll need a loan from the bank for a mortgage. Sounds normal. But already, in my head, that’s my third or fourth loan taken out. So for all those many many loans I will have spent them on education and a house. HOW CRAZY AM I! SUCH WILD THINGS TO SPEND MONEY ON!

Now I know student loans are the best loans you’re ever gonna get…you don’t have to pay them off til you earn over a threshold, they disappear in many many years if you don’t earn enough and the rate of interest is the lowest ever. That’s all lovely but for a loan that we’re all crippled with merely to learn, that is still ridiculous.

(I was literally writing this before I headed to the doctors and I’d written loads about the fact I needed money to pay for surgery that I really needed. As it turns out, I have coeliac disease…quite bloody seriously so but no doctor has ever picked it up despite having countless “full” blood tests over time. So my whole bit about needing to pay for important things like surgery but not being able to afford because uni is null and void now. Instead, I have the far smaller price problem but problem nevertheless that gluten free food is way expensive…….I can’t really afford to only buy really expensive food BECAUSE UNI)

We have so many pressures to try and combat……we’re supposed to travel the world and experience new cultures in our 20s, we’re supposed to be adventurous and try new food and new places and new drinks and see your friends (who are scattered all over the place so you gotta travel to see them duh) and buy loads of pointless shit because you’re still basically a child inside, and buy books for university and and and…..

I don’t really know if there’s a purpose to this post, there isn’t really, other than to cry at the way 20somethings have to live nowadays. Paying for uni is hard but people also need to pay medical bills, others may have a child or two, others may have to travel to see loved ones, look after sick relatives, try and support themselves as well as family members, maybe just trying to pay the rent is the big issue, or trying to buy the equipment you need to learn and to create your work, maybe it’s even trying to get into the catchment area of the place you need to be…….either way, we’re all struggling and its all merely in the pursuit of knowledge. Back in the day, you know with free education, they had it good. Okay I probably wouldn’t be at Cambridge because girls couldn’t go to lots of the colleges for ages, and we’d probably get paid less etc BUT WHATEVER you know what I’m saying.


Let’s go back in time. Hop in


Peace out and good luck to you all


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