So for some people, me included hence why I’m writing about this obviously, its already time to apply for PhDs. The same can apply to all yall Masters applicants, the curse is still real.

So it’s Christmas time soon, the holidays are already upon some of us lucky few and due very soon for the rest of us. We have only just started this new year really, only just sunk our baby teeth into this final year or Masters year…..AND BAAAAAAAM ITS ALREADY TIME FOR THE NEXT DAMN THING. I have only just decided what theme I wanna work on for my Masters dissertation but already I’m having to think about three years of my PhD and the biggest project I’ll ever have undertaken. Because of stupid funding deadlines it means that this serious massive thing we have to do is already here and we’ve barely worked out the names of the rest of people in our class but we already need to have the rest of our lives mapped out.

Isn’t it shitty how rushed everything is? Okay I know you can take as many years as you like in between each education stage but for me its always been a means to an end. I want to go into academia so I gotta keep plodding on because otherwise I’ll break for nothing because I haven’t got anything else to do. So, like many of us, we have to make big decisions ASAP. It’s a scary thing…

BUT it’s good! It makes you evaluate everything in your life. The initial stress makes you question whether this is really the path for you. If you find out that it is, then you can go forward with conviction. If not? Well it’s good you found out now rather than 2 years into a PhD. Then as you continue with your application you suddenly have to think about everything you’ve ever enjoyed studying and what you want to take forward.  It makes you more aware of your likes, dislikes, how you learn, how you work best etc…. and those are all good things in life anyways. Then you gotta schmooze your way into potential supervisors’ good books and talk through your vague crappy ideas and try and make them sound coherent and smart and innovative. The blagging skill is never one that should never be underestimated, it has got me through my life to where I am now. Then you start to get better ideas because smart people always help make things make sense. You can then go home and start writing your newly formed better ideas and things get exciting when you start dreaming about potential trips to places you need to research and having a desk and nice new stationary and feeling like you’re in a movie and stuff.

So I don’t know what else happens during a PhD application because I haven’t finished it….but its meant lots of coffee dates with PhD friends and meetings with nice supervisory people and things and it makes you feel grown up and stuff.

There’s no point to this blog post apart from anyone making a PhD application….YOU CAN DO IT and just keep plodding along and by the end of it we’ll all be better people or our brains will melt and we’ll die idk both are options, just pick wisely


I’ve been bad at posting interesting fun blog posts because um Cambridge but one day when this has all calmed down I’ll get back to my hilarious ways and you’ll never even realise I was gone


Peace out babies

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