Everyone is gearing up for Christmas but really the true midwinter event was the Winter Solstice yesterday. The origin of all our traditions, pagans really nailed the whole winter celebration thing. Decorated trees, yule logs, giving presents…..yeah it started at Yule my pretty people, not Jesus (what lambs are born in December, I ask you). The solstice is where its AYAAAT

So what do I find so magical about a day overshadowed by Christmas? Its a day where you wake up hideously early to drive near to Stonehenge to try and battle to park and then wait for a bus that doesn’t take you the whole way because you gotta walk the last 40 minutes to really make it a struggle, all trying to get there before an 8am sunrise……



Welcoming the sunrise

When else can you touch the ancient stones with a group of other people who appreciate it as much as you do? Where else can you watch the sunrise splitting through the huge stones the same way it has on this day for thousands of years? What else would you rather be doing on the morning of the 21st of December other than watching the Druids greet the return of the light, the drummers leading a dance, people in flower garlands and velvet cloaks wishing you well?……its a morning of (as corny as it sounds) peace and joy for everyone involved. 

Happy hippies

The rest of the day I spent with a smile on my face, chatting to people in shops, holding doors open for others, smiling at passers by in the street because I was in no rush to hurry through my life. It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race and scurry about in a foul mood, impatience guiding your every step rather than feeling calm and genuinely happy. I think everyone needs a moment, whether it be a pagan celebration or a walk along a beach or a bike ride through the hills…just to reconnect. Just to remind us that there’s a bigger world out there full of peace and love and happiness and its not all just Trump and wars and bitterness. (Yes those things exist, major ew, but don’t forget the goodness in the world or your life will become hellish).

2016 has been a rough one for everyone it seems. Everyone we love died and everyone we hate prospered…. but remember the moments of happiness throughout 2016 as the year draws to a close. Don’t get swept up in “thank god its over…new year new me” bla bla bla. Pick out the good bits and it wont seem so bleak. Itll also take the pressure off yourself to make next year amazing, thats too stressful. Just aim to enjoy it as best you can by remembering all the good things that happen instead of the bad.

So this years solstice is over. I had a blast standing on the stones and playing my flute out to a sea of beautifully smiling faces, from pagans to cyclists to tourists. It reminded me to appreciate. Whether they’re big things, small things or in between things ….just to appreciate the good things. 

Saying that, I wish you all the merriest of christmasses and the jolliest of new years and a positive start to 2017 (without pissing over the entirety of 2016)
Peace and love my lil cherubs

and peace out 2016


3 thoughts on “joys of the solstice and the year

  1. We would like to remind you that Jesus Christ, whose real name was Jeshua, was born October 17, 4BCE, and Christmas or December 25 is a pagan celebration real Christians should not celebrate.


  2. No problem, but it is a big misunderstanding by lots of unbelievers that Christmas would be the birthday of Christ, even thinking it would be the birthday of God, though God has no birth at all, being an eternal Spirit.


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