WELCOME TO THE NEW YEAR there has never before been a 2017AD even tho the world is really old but whatever, its a new dawn and a new day and a new life for meeeee and I’m feelin goo0OoOod duh dum duh dum etc

Distracted sorry

As the new year rolls on in, Christmas decorations are taken down and boxed up and all the food and alcohol ingested over the xmas season is written off and officially doesn’t count and isn’t allowed to affect our weight in 2017, we start all over again. Back to work, back to uni, back to school, back to the old freezerino and on with every day life. You kind of expect everything to be different because of the new date but it’s odd how similar these first few days of 2017 are to the end of 2016. Funny how things work aint it.

So, time for new years resolutions? Gonna stop smoking? Go to the gym more? Eat healthier? Watch less tv? Or something else like travel to a country youve never been before? Spend more time with family? All excellently generic examples that you are free to use without any copywrite issues as they’re older than 25 and in the public domain. Mine will be to reread the Harry Potter books because I miss reading for pleasure (bloody uni) and I have good taste. 

But its easy to get bogged down with the idea of “new year, new me” but its so much pressure man. I’m cool with the current me, I cannot be bothered to reinvent myself EVERY year. Nah. I’ll dye my hair a new bright colour and be done with it. Instead I’m going to focus on making this year the happiest yet because thats a great goal for every year….just to be as happy as you can. That doesn’t mean I can skip work because it’d make me happier (if only) but it means I’ll adapt (not change) my outlook on negative situations and try and make things good or positive or a thing to learn from and move on. Lingering on negative vibes is so 2015 like don’t even bother. 

2016 had lots of shitty bits but for me it was the best year in a lot of years….maybe the best so far. Why? Because I made sure I had that point of view. Yeah crap happens and you can still cry and curl in a ball and embrace the crap but the difference is you get yourself ‘upandattem’ quicker than you would if you wallowed in your self pity. Why actively try and make your life shitter? Telling yourself you feel awful or hate something or its the end of the world is just gonna make you more unhappy and not solve anything. Sure, things are unfair and everyone needs a bit of sympathy but don’t live off it. Know that it’s crap, turn that crap into something you can use e.g. daub to make walls idk, get yourself out of the crap (unless youve now made your house out of it…in which case embrace that nice warm wind blocking crap) and move on. If you yourself know youve done a really cool thing, and your closest loved ones (ones you actually care about their opinion) and let that be it. There’s nothing worse than someone that wont let something go or constantly shoves something negative down your throat… in the words of the ancient norse philosopher “let it go, let it go”.

So *ding ding* all aboard the maiden voyage of the SS2017 and make sure you leave your baggage at the dockside because you’ll only need positivity, your loved ones and a bit of hope to make the ride a success.

Over and out lil sailors

And happy new year
O x

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