So there we were, minding our own humany business when it hit me….life would be hellish without animals. And do you know why this hit me even more than usual? Because this..

I almost sobbed out loud like a teething baby because I hand fed SQUIRRELS IN A PARK. Now, I know most folks love animals but I can’t overstate how intense my love is. I cry at videos of ducklings and chicks because I wanna cuddle them so bad. Pictures of scruffy puppies make my heart ache so severely I could be hospitalised. The sheer joy I feel when I am with a goat or near a red panda is beyond any high from any drug imaginable (I think). Being near pigeons even makes me uncontrollably giggly because they’re just harmless little walking tummies with lil feathery fluffs. Here is an example of the sheer joy on my face while feeding these squirrels and some funny little geese ducks. These photographs are unposed, merely me looking at my boyfriend (who was filming) with incandescent happiness. 

So, back to these animals. Yes so London squirrels are undoubtedly cheeky wee buggers with a nose for grub and a will of steel and they will approach you. They’ll take little oaty snacks from your tentatively outstretched hand and nibble at it in front of you. They’ll come back for more. You’ll cry because they’re cute and you’ll give them all your food and your money and clothes and whatever they want because their tails are made of clouds and tiny noses are made for loving. This is all obvious of course but days later I am still so happy that this happened. I was barely this buzzy after getting into uni. Animals are just way better than everything else in life.

Now I know sleep and food and cupcakes are all pretty damn great. Getting a good result on an exam, helping a stranger, finding a kickass jacket for like minus twenty quid….all fun fab things that make your heart a bit glowy. But nothing shines as bright as animal related happiness. Its the Arkenstone of our life called Erebor but it doesn’t make you crazy for gold and wealth… just for fuzzy fluffy pals.

Lemme get to my point. All over the world there are people and there are animals. Has been for totally ages (trust me I’m an archaeologist and “totally ages” is a cambridge-approved technical term). We’ve been their masters, their captors, their killers, their breeders, their friends and their lovers (okay wait I just mean ‘animal lovers’ not beastiality etc.) They keep us warm in our hearts and in our homes, give us food and drinks and stuff (now imagining a lil cat butler but I actually meant like milk from an udder) and give us transport. They give us life and we give them life. They also give us some grief like if you’re scared of spiders and one falls on your face or you get eaten by an Australian snake the size of a semi-detached house in Croydon….but overall its us that gives them the most grief. BUT WHY when they give us so much joy?

Cases of animal abuse are just too much to even comprehend. I will never understand how sick and twisted people can be. We slaughter millions of animals. We kill them on roads, squish them when they fly near us just because they’re a bit annoying (tho I’d happily do that to annoying people like people who eat loudly omg but not animals). We kick dogs that bark and leave cats out in the snow in winter. We need to care a bit more please.

This isn’t a post about being vegan or anything. Hell I tried to go veggie but found myself starving trying to be that and gluten free. We’ve eaten animals since we domesticated them in the Neolithic Revolution about 12000 years ago… its literally in our evolutionary DNA (sad I know but don’t shout at me please that’s not the point of this post). My point is little things. We can do so many little things to make animals’ lives better. Buy birdseed and put it in your garden when its cold so the birds can feed on seed when the berries are dead. Go a bit slower on the country roads at dusk to avoid that deer that may run out. Use cruelty free makeup and toiletries its just as good as the stuff that hurts bunnies eyes. Catch that spider in a glass and put it outside, don’t squash it (big spiders have the capability to feel pain, so don’t be a dick because you’re scared. The big garden spiders only run straight ahead when you scare them so put something in front of them and theyll just run into it). Buy meat from local producers or farms you know treat the animals good. Give your pet a little treat but not human food as it makes them sick and fat. Drive a bit slower and give the horse rider a wide berth on the road so you don’t scare the horse. Don’t chase the pigeons away for no reason. Don’t shoot rats in your garden because its fun…..they may be “vermin” but so are thousands of bastard humans and you’re not out shooting them are you. All rats do is look for food. They don’t have plague and they don’t actively try and bite you to give you a disease so shutup. Don’t train your dog to chase cats or other dogs just to be a big man and have an “aggressive” dog. Its not aggressive deep down, you’ve just trained it that way to compensate for your small lacking trouser department. 

Little things that can make animals have happier live. Because they make us so happy, why don’t we try and make theirs a little easier.
Peace and love

O x

My animal ^

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